"So scary they kept me up all day."
- Dracula

"Tres Effrayant. Un terrifiant collection. Superbe!"
- Hunchback

"Depressing, dark, disgusting - just like my own miserable life"
- Frankenstein Monster

Best Teacher


On the drive home, she approached a man riding a bicycle ahead of her. She steered directly behind the rider and matched his speed, her front bumper only a few feet from the cyclist. She inched a bit closer to him, and pressed on the car's horn. She really leaned on it, keeping the horn's blast going for a full ten seconds.

The cyclist jerked in his seat. His hands almost came off the handle bar, and his front wheel whipped back and forth. He pulled hard on his brakes and flipped over the front of his bike, crashing onto the sidewalk.

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  1. Oh! That's mean.

    Seems like there's another contender in the "worst protagonist" contest.